A powerful "weapon". It brings joy, and peace to the souls who use it. The strongest prayer with boldness to God.


Repentance is the change of our mind, our turning to God, we leave the earth, the transgressions of the law, the moral code that fill us with remorse and guilt, and we turn to God, who by His sacrifice freed us from the consequences of sin.

Soul Uprising

The true fullness and bliss found through prayer to God, but requires a high self-awareness to find what you really like.

Silence - Mourning

In order for someone to deal properly with mourning, it is necessary to be certain that his/her destination is the blessed Kingdom of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

People with Special Needs

It requires authentic intellectual experience and critical thinking in order to be able to better approach the problem of people with special needs.

Inside the historical landscape of Mani, near the foothills of Mount Taygetos, is the Ieron Kathisma of the Transfiguration of the Savior. Being a place of worship, faith, brotherhood and love, both to the fellow man and to the creation of the Most High, it is a refuge and a pilgrimage for every person, be that an Orthodox faithful or not, who visits western Mani.

The brotherhood of the Ieron Kathisma is made up of four fathers, the elder Gabriel Koviliatis, the hieromonk Nektarios, as well as the monks Alexios and Silouanos, all of whom pray for the salvation of our souls, while at the same time with their catechism they contribute to the knowledge and the awareness of the truths of the Orthodox Faith.

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